One of the most important ways for those in recovery to maintain their sobriety is to create a life worth living.  My goal in working with my clients is to figure that out what that means to them. 

Recovering from substances can seem overwhelming at first, yet finding and living a life of purpose is a transformative way to rise above the grip of addiction.  I understand this profoundly since I struggled with addiction for many years and now have long-term recovery.  

Since 2007, I have dedicated my life to helping people who are afflicted. I have worked in many detox’s, residential, and outpatient treatment centers helping hundreds of alcoholics and addicts. Before becoming a Licensed Therapist, I was certified with the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators as a Level III Certified Addiction Counselor.

In my experience, countless individuals have suffered unimaginable anguish and have emerged stronger because they were willing to delve into their deeper issues. What brings people to therapy most often is a conscious, deep-seated struggle that is painful, unprocessed, and significantly impacting their well-being. I find it to be my extraordinary honor and privilege to be part of someone’s transformative journey. 

Every time someone asks me why I went into this profession, I have a different answer. That’s because I continue to fall in love deeper with what I do and feel that my work is meaningful. I find inspiration in my clients every day and feel so thankful that I have the opportunity to do what I love.