I am beyond honored to have Nancy Corcoran join my EMDR Intensives to aid in facilitating your somatic healing.  She has been practicing yoga for 50 years and has been teaching for over 30 years.  Nancy will use a series of intentional movements to help cultivate a sense of trust and to create a safe space to begin exploring the feelings that arise from deep within the physical body.

About Nancy Corcoran 

I began my yoga practice at 15. I quickly fell in love with the poses and the way I felt after practicing. I signed up for a teacher training several years later with the intention of expanding my personal experience. In 1991, I became an accidental yoga teacher and have been teaching ever since. 

I spent eight years as Executive Director of the largest yoga school in Los Angeles, and I volunteered at a battered woman’s shelter for a considerable time.  In 1998, I opened my own yoga studio in Sherman Oaks called Yoga for Every Body.  I work with people coping with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use as well as individuals with spinal cord injuries, sports injuries, professional athletes, and high-profile people with stressful jobs. 

The way we carry ourselves and the pattern in our movements reveal our history. 

When we begin a yoga practice, we start to release trauma from the body and into the conscious mind. We, then have an opportunity to explore our personalities and learn more about what is at the core of our beliefs and behavior. 

Yoga combined with other therapies is another way to help us further understand ourselves.