Types of EMDR offered:

  • Traditional
  • Intensively
  • Intensives
  • Adjunct Therapy
I understand that each individual’s journey through trauma is unique. To accommodate varying needs, I offer EMDR therapy in flexible formats. While weekly sessions are traditional, I recognize that trauma processing can be effectively accelerated with more frequent or extended sessions.
Session Lengths and Intensive Options:
– Traditional: 50-minute appointments.
– Intensively: Longer sessions of 75 or 100 minutes for deeper work.
– EMDR Intensives: For those looking to make significant progress in a condensed timeframe, I offer half-day and multi-day intensives.
Adjunct EMDR Therapy:
Sometimes in therapy, progress stalls or repetitive issues emerge, leading to feelings of stagnation for both the client and therapist. Incorporating EMDR as adjunct therapy can rejuvenate the therapeutic process. By collaborating with your primary therapist, we can integrate EMDR sessions that complement your ongoing treatment, offered either weekly or as part of our intensive programs.
Flexible Scheduling for Effective Trauma Processing:
Whether opting for regular weekly sessions or intensive therapy, my goal is to provide a supportive and effective environment to navigate and process trauma at your own pace.
Payment Information:
Please note weekly sessions are payable through Cash, Check, Zelle, Venmo, and all major Credit Cards. I also offer 6-month and 12-month deferred interest plans through CareCredit for my half day to multi-day EMDR Intensives.
Insurance Information:
I am not in-network with insurance providers; however, many insurance plans may reimburse a portion of the costs for psychotherapy. As an out-of-network provider, I can furnish a detailed monthly invoice, or “superbill,” which you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. I recommend verifying the specifics of your out-of-network benefits with your insurance provider in advance.