EMDR Therapy: A Beacon of Hope for Those with Complex PTSD

Understanding Complex PTSD Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) arises from prolonged exposure to traumatic events, often occurring in relationships where there is an expectation of trust. This can include repeated abuse, neglect, or other forms of emotional, physical, or sexual trauma over an extended period. Unlike PTSD, which can develop after a single event, CPTSD […]

Unlock the Power of Healing: Why My EMDR Intensive Sessions Are Right for You

Welcome to a transformative journey with my EMDR Intensive Sessions. As a certified EMDR trauma therapist, I’ve crafted a unique, personalized program that caters exclusively to your healing needs. Discover how these sessions can facilitate profound changes in your life, offering not just healing but lasting empowerment. Customized Just for You Each person’s journey through […]

Understanding EMDR: A Powerful Tool for Healing Trauma

Hello there, let’s talk about a really intriguing approach to healing from trauma—EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR offers a unique way to help people deal with their traumatic memories, and it’s something I think could really transform lives. So, what exactly is EMDR?Developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in […]

Trauma and Dissociation

My name is Mercedes Cusick, and I am a licensed trauma therapist specializing inEMDR. In this blog entry I want to talk today about DISSOCIATION.It is something that I come across a lot as a trauma therapist. I believe there is much confusion around what it is – so I’m hoping to help clarify it […]

The Avoidant Attachment Style

Are you Avoidantly Attached in your relationships? If you are – this is most likely due to a parent that was either rejecting or emotionally unavailable. So as an adult you basically replicate this dynamic and are emotionally distant and rejecting in your relationships. Keeping people at arm’s length. You are likely to have difficulty […]