The Avoidant Attachment Style

Are you Avoidantly Attached in your relationships?

If you are – this is most likely due to a parent that was either rejecting or emotionally unavailable. So as an adult you basically replicate this dynamic and are emotionally distant and rejecting in your relationships. Keeping people at arm’s length. You are likely to have difficulty developing or maintaining close relationships. Often your communication with others is more intellectual and your are not comfortable talking about emotions.

Common statements made from someone who is avoidantly attached …. would be,,,,,, I don’t like talking about my feelings, people ALWAYS let me down, I don’t don’t need help from anyone, feeling are OVERRATED, I am not the marrying type and Most of the people I date want too much closeness too fast. If this sounds familiar than you are probably avoidantly attachment.

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Mercedes Cusick Therapist