Unlock the Power of Healing: Why My EMDR Intensive Sessions Are Right for You

Welcome to a transformative journey with my EMDR Intensive Sessions. As a certified EMDR trauma therapist, I’ve crafted a unique, personalized program that caters exclusively to your healing needs. Discover how these sessions can facilitate profound changes in your life, offering not just healing but lasting empowerment.

Customized Just for You

Each person’s journey through trauma is unique, and so should be their healing process. That’s why I offer tailored sessions ranging from half-day to multi-day intensives. These are designed to fit into your life seamlessly, respecting your personal and professional commitments while maximizing therapeutic effectiveness.

Efficient and Effective

My EMDR Intensive Sessions are not only time-efficient but also cost-effective. This focused format allows us to dive deep into your experiences, addressing and resolving core issues more rapidly than traditional weekly sessions. It’s an ideal choice for those who feel ready to make significant progress in a condensed timeframe.

Rapid, Lasting Results

The goal of these intensives is to bring about rapid yet enduring changes. By immersing fully in the therapy process without the breaks typical of standard sessions, many find that they achieve substantial, lasting results more quickly.

Supportive Tools for Your Journey

To enhance your experience and support your journey, each intensive includes a customized workbook. This valuable resource is designed to help you prepare for and reflect on your intensive, reinforcing the insights and strategies we explore together.

Holistic Healing with Therapeutic Body Movements

Recognizing that trauma resides not just in the mind but also in the body, I incorporate therapeutic body movements into our sessions. Led by the very experienced Nancy Corcoran, these movements are tailored to help release trauma stored in the body, complementing the EMDR therapy and fostering holistic healing.

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to explore how my EMDR Intensive Sessions can help you reclaim your life from trauma or anything that is blocking you from healing from a fulfilled life. I invite you to reach out. Let’s connect and discuss how this personalized, focused approach can be the key to your recovery and growth.

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Recover, Heal, Bloom!

Mercedes Cusick LMFT 

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Mercedes Cusick Therapist